EMERMIX sp. z o.o. / Mariew ul. Kwiatowa 115 / 05-083 Zaborów
tel. +48 515 151 448 / e-mail: biuro@emermix.pl

About us


EMERMIX’s vision is to maintain the position of a reliable business partner guaranteeing the highest quality of services rendered, their timeliness and comprehensive customer service.
Our ambition is to identify the needs accurately, to present a personalized and optimal offer, and to ensure constant and effective communication in order to constantly improve the quality of the company’s final product.
The main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with the results and climate of cooperation.
„We settle impossible matters immediately. You have to wait for miracles ….. three days ……”
I have built and developed a team of people who are characterized by: creativity, knowledge, experience, intuition, good organization of working time, flexibility, communication skills, loyalty, responsibility, self-confidence, positive attitude, diligence, independence in action and honesty.
Thanks to these features, we have been enjoying the full recognition and satisfaction of our customers for years. I guarantee that we will provide you with the highest level of service. I invite you to cooperation.
Marcin Ratajczak